EVENT OUTCOMES Why you should attend Conference ?


As one of the prestigious conferences of CIGRE, 4th SEERC Conference Istanbul will be one of the popular international gathering of power sector. The conference will be a perfect opportunity fort academics, experts and companies to exchange ideas, views, products and services. 

Energy ministers of 17 SEERC member countries will be invited to the conference and a separate “ministers roundtable” is planned.

For the Companies:

The exhibition of the conference will be a showcase for more than 50 companies and for the sponsors. TSOs, DSOs and private companies in power sector. The companies can contact the academics, experts, and other companies for two days and inform them about their services and products.

For Sector Representatives:

Experts who attend the conference will have a good opportunity to reach out latest technical improvements in power sector besides the intellectual interaction with academics. Tutorials, special workshops, and sessions will provide a large range of intellectual and technical network with the experts from different countries.

For Academics:

Being a part of the conference will provide all the attendees to reach out more than 100 papers’ presentations, newest research in the field and academic network from all around the world. Papers chosen by tens of academics from 25 different international universities in 20 countries will be presented in 10 different sessions orally, and in poster sessions. More than 400 academics from 20 different countries attended the conference to Exchange ideas and views.

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